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Interpretation, translation, tourist guide, business consultation

Interpretation・Translation・Tourist guide・Business consultant
통역, 번역, 관광 가이드, 상담
Word of mouth, translation, travel guide, business review

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We provide interpreting and translation for various purposes.

We will interpret and translate according to various purposes.


root demand, provision, translation


 Tax returns


City Office documents

 Health department(hotel)

 Fire department(hotel)

Scrivener(Visa. so on) 

Used cars

◆Translation fee◆

Translation price
Leaflets /Advertisements Contracts
A4~1,000 words, 2500-5000 yen (1 sheet)

◆Interpretation fee◆

Interpretation fee
4000yen/per hour

~three hours service 10000yen


◆Sightseeing guide◆

Tourist guide

¥ 15,000 /3 hours


◆ Business consultation

Business consultant

4000yen/per hour

Contacts: Please contact us first.

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