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​English class

English class


​ Sanwa classroom

◆Junior High School English

(Textbook compliant, Sunshine)
according to school progress

A preparation type
B review type



◆Tuesday to Saturday Time consultation

(Basic lesson for 1 person)

・Capacity 1-2 people
​ ・3500 yen once for 55 minutes
Separate text fee (3000 yen once or twice a year)


Takada Komachi Oren Plaza classroom

◆Junior high school students to high school students
The basics are textbook compliant

·English test

・Compatibility with TOEIC and other certification exams, etc.
​ ◆Available hours

Between 14:00 and 20:00

・Capacity 1-2 people

・Junior high school students 3500 yen once for 55 minutes

High school students 85 minutes 5000 yen once
​ *Visit lessons will be charged separately. Monthly fee 20,000 yen + transportation expenses (10,000 a year)


​English conversation class for adults

◆ Basic English

Learn intermediate level words and improve to the development level of quoting


·English test

・Travel English

・Scene English

◆Cost (55 minutes)

​ 4000 yen per session

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