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study trip

Study trip

​Learn a language and test your skills!


2012, 2013 San Francisco
  ◆ English training and tourism
2016 San Francisco
  ◆Purchasing and sightseeing
​2018 Kentucky


Shopping , English training and sightseeing in
San Francisco, Louisville KY. New York and on



2011,2017,2018 Penang Island
◆ Homestay, sightseeing, etc.
Since 2011, we have provided a homestay tour.

​United Kingdom

◆English study tour
English training tours in UK

​ France

2007, 2017
◆ Sightseeing trips and English training
France sightseeing and English training tour


2004-2019 Seoul Suburbs
◆ Korean language practice tour (once or twice a year)
Korean training tours in Seoul and other cities once since 2004.

​Business consultation

韓国 アジアインバウンド_210731_5.jpg

For customers from South Korea and Singapore for business purposes
​thank you for your help.
​We assisted business owners to find places and relations to the local companies in Myoko and Joestu area.

If you are interested, please contact us.
We are more than welcome to hear your inquiries 
About Japanese business connections.
Please contact us...

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