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Elementary school Junior high school High school
Elementary school students
Junior high school students
High school students

Elementary school students to high school students Learn English according to each level. Return to the basics with a goal of plus 10 points, and study the main review. Or we can help you with your English exams for your future goals.  


​Adult Hangul
Adult Hangul

For those who have learned Hangul to some extent, in order to be able to actually use Hangul, enjoy regular conversations with 3 to 5 students once or twice a month with an instructor who treats Hangul like a native. Feel free to participate in a love party underway.

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business consultation
Business consultant

For foreign owners

We can assist the matters

in Japan such as:

 Tax returns


City Office documents

 Health department(hotel)

 Fire department(hotel)

Scrivener(Visa. so on) 

Used cars

Interpretation/translation/tour guide
・Tourist guide

Business owners

Please feel free to contact us for interpreting for inbound and foreign customers, translation of products when expanding overseas, accompanying interpreting, etc.

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study trip
Study trip

On-site training is the best way to measure language proficiency learned in the classroom.

When you actually have a conversation, it's different from what you imagined, and the satisfaction you get when you get through will be a big step to the next step.

Would you like to make a fulfilling language training plan with our experienced staff, such as the country and city you want to visit?

study trip
Study trip

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